Landscape Design for Birds & Wildlife – Lecture and Q&A

Join our discussion with Patrick Comins on May 10! 

Hear how adding native plants to your landscape design can bring your neighborhood or urban/suburban park to life with colorful native birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

Many of our butterflies, moths and other insects have adapted to specific native plants for larval food and nectar sources; including native shrubs, trees and other plants in your yard can attract the beneficial insects and serve to provide seeds and fruit that our birds have become accustomed to seeking out throughout their annual life cycles. Native plants in your yard can make even the most suburban of parks a much more friendly place for nesting and migrating birds alike.

We will conclude with how our urban/suburban areas tie in to larger landscapes and how even if an area isn’t suitable for a wide variety of nesting birds it can still contribute to the larger picture.

Location: Earthplace Auditorium

Cost: FREE Lecture and Q&A
Capacity: 100 people
Questions? Contact Veronica Swain, Director of Nature Education & Conservation