About Earthplace


Earthplace is a donor supported, non-profit organization committed to building passion and respect for the natural world and a more sustainable future for our community.




What We Do

Earthplace blends science, conservation, and education into pathways for learning about nature and the environment.

Why We Do It

  • Open space is valuable and needs our protection
  • Injured and orphaned animals need homes (and friends)
  • Time spent with nature builds trust and a sense of belonging
  • Education deepens our understanding of the natural world and makes us care
  • Science and research promote environmental awareness that guides individual actions
  • Civic engagement allows for transformative ideas to be shared, and a more sustainable community to be formed

What We Provide

  • A 62-acre nature and wildlife sanctuary, interpretive exhibits, and 50+ animal ambassadors
  • A water quality research lab for 200+ field sites and student programs
  • Educational programs connecting children to nature
  • An outdoor amphitheater, walking trails, picnic grove, and a 22,000 square foot learning center

What We Value

  • Access to nature for all regardless of age, ability, religion, gender, and race. (Click here for more.)
  • Making an impact through science and discovery
  • Active community engagement and collaboration
  • Inspired teaching and learning
  • Being a great place to work, visit, and volunteer