Drop-In Activities

Story & Animal Program

Monday through Saturday, 10:30am. Join us every weekday for an animal-themed story and an encounter with one of our Animal Hall residents. 

For children age 5 and under.

Birds of Prey Feedings

Daily, 11am. Join an animal care technician as they feed our Birds of Prey. Learn about what they would eat in the wild, their behaviors, how we care for these birds, and fun facts. There is also a question and answer session.

Saturdays at Earthplace

Saturdays, Noon. Join us each Saturday for a different nature-based activity! Depending on the day, we will create eco-art, identify flora and fauna, perform science experiments, or explore a miniature pond. On good weather days, we’ll end the activity with a lovely walk in the great outdoors!

Winged Wonders

First Sunday of the month, 1pm. Experience our birds of prey outside their enclosures! On the first Sunday of the month we host a bird-on-glove demonstration where you can learn all about some of our magnificent raptors. Naturalists will discuss the animals' traits, behaviors, and unique characteristics while the birds interact with their handlers. 

  June 2: Meet Talon!

  July 7: Meet Marble!

  Aug 3: Meet Freckle!