Indoor Activities

Our Animals

Our Animal Hall and the Connecticut Bird of Prey Exhibit provide our community with educational animal programs and experiences that focus on natural history, care and appreciation. We have over 50 different animal species including bald eagles, barred owls, box turtles, big brown bats, an opossum and many more.

See Our Animals

Environmental Learning Center

Natureplace is our learning center filled with interactive areas to explore the wonders of nature. Wildlife dioramas depict different ecosystems in Connecticut in different seasons: spring woodlands, summer seashore, fall meadow, and life underground. You will also find several rotating exhibits featuring topics such as local flora and fauna, environmental issues, backyard ecology and others. Each exhibit highlights specimens from the Earthplace collection.

Connecticut Wall of Nature

Designed and created by artist Marion Grebow, this wall in our entry area is composed of three-dimensional sculptured tiles that show scenes of nature found in Connecticut. All of the mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and plants are native to or are found in the state. The large border tiles focus on birds and mammals. The three scenic murals represent nature-related activities that can be enjoyed through Earthplace. The smaller tiles show local insects, amphibians and reptiles, as well as display quotations inspired by nature.