Animal Hall & Birds of Prey

Visiting our Animal Hall, Birds of Prey, or attending one of our programs in these areas is free to members and the cost of admission to non-members. If you are interested in becoming a member please speak with our Visitor Services desk while visiting. Thank you in advance!

Animal Hall and the Connecticut Birds of Prey Exhibit here at Earthplace provide our community with educational animal programs and experiences focused on natural history, care, and appreciation. Earthplace is home to more than 50 animals. Most have injuries that prevent them from surviving on their own in the wild. Here are some of our animals:


Brown Bat

In 2007, Sonar was discovered in an auto repair shop in northern Connecticut with a fractured shoulder. Unfortunately, this means […]



Cheerio arrived at Earthplace in 2015. She was surrendered by her owner. Cheerio’s favorite thing to do is to take […]

Chatty & Cerena

Bald Eagles

Chatty arrived in 2005 from Alaska. She had damage to her feet and her left wing had to be amputated […]

Moody & Marble

Barred Owls

Marble was rescued in Westbrook, Connecticut on August 5, 2012 after he was found next to a highway. Marble is […]


Domestic Pigeon

Pecans is our resident artist. His paintings are available in our gift shop. Pecans was skinny, dirty, and sick when […]


Wood Turtle

You may notice that Woody is missing part of his front leg which prevents him from digging and living in […]


Ball Python

Banana came to Earthplace after having been someone’s pet. She is a very docile and friendly snake.  General Facts Lifespan: […]


Yellow-Spotted Salamander

As you can imagine, Spotty’s name originated from her many spots! But, in case you are wondering where her spots […]


Grey Tree Frog

This type of tree frog can be found all over Connecticut. Lichens favorite past-time is to climb walls.  General Facts […]


Desert Millipede

Pepper came to Earthplace in 2019. General Facts Lifespan: 10 years Found in the American Southwest Mostly nocturnal They are […]

Bob & Janet

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

These are non-native cockroaches. They are popular in our Nature Education Programs as they are big and hiss loudly. General […]


Chilean Rose Tarantula

Aragog is named after the giant spider from the Harry Potter Series.  General Facts Lifespan: Females live 20, males pass […]

Sponsor an Animal

Animal sponsorship provides the opportunity to support the animals that are a necessary part of the programs we offer the community.


Animal Ambassadors

Earthplace uses a variety of domestic and select native animals to teach visitors about the basic classes of animals: Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and insects.