Vernal Pool Ecology and Conservation – Lecture and Q&A

Join our discussion with Jim Arrigoni on March 14! 

Referred to as the Cinderellas of aquatic habitats, vernal pools are characterized by their annual disappearance from the landscape. These wetlands are best known for supporting charismatic wildlife like Spotted Salamanders, Wood Frogs, and Fairy Shrimp, with each species exhibiting unique adaptations to take advantage of the seasonal inundation. A one-hour indoor presentation will explore the various life forms that depend on vernal pools, how they make their livings, and factors that affect their conservation in the southern New England landscape. Following the presentation and conditions permitting, we’ll take a short, guided night walk to the edge of a vernal pool to observe what may (or may not be!) happening on a mid-March night.

Location: Earthplace Auditorium
6-7pm, Walk to follow

Cost: FREE Lecture and Q&A
Capacity: 100 people
Questions? Contact Veronica Swain, Director of Nature Education & Conservation


Jim Arrigoni is environmental director at the Lyme Land Trust in Lyme, Connecticut, where he oversees stewardship of over 3,100 acres spread across 110 parcels that are owned or managed LLT. He has 25 years of experience ranging from ecological research and restoration, natural resource and protected areas management, to environmental education. Jim holds a BS degree in wildlife and fisheries biology from the University of Vermont and a MS degree in conservation biology from the State University of New York in Syracuse. New England vernal pools are among his very favorite habitats for exploration and teaching.