Vacation Days

Vacation Days dates for the 22/23 school can be found below

The details....

  • Ages 3-12
  • 9am-1pm $100/day
  • 9am-3pm $150/day
  • Student to teacher ratio 1:8

climb trees & rocks

hike the trails

build forts

create nature-based art

visit animal hall

make new friends

enjoy fresh air

Vacation Days at Earthplace are days filled with opportunities for discovery, engineered for ages 3-12. Depending on the season we spend time climbing trees or the rocks at Big Rock Junction, getting to know the Earthpace trails, or perfecting fort-building skills. When inside, students work on age-appropriate nature-based art projects and take time to visit our residents in animal hall. Every vacation day is different depending on the group's size and input but typically there is time for self-chosen activities, always an animal encounter, with a majority of the day being outside.

If you are spending the day with us please bring a reusable water bottle, lunch, and a snack (two snacks if staying till 3pm). It is also a good idea to bring a change of clothes along with boots and snow gear in colder weather. At Earthplace we are guided by the philosophy that there is no such thing as bad weather if you're dressed accordingly. Everything should be labeled with your student's name.

Please note that kids who stay till 1pm will be in a different classroom from those who are with us until 3pm. Register carefully as we do not offer refunds. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email Becky at

Fall 2022:

  • September 26 / Pond Study 
  • October 5 / Rotten Log 
  • November 8 / Animal Sign 
  • Register here.

Winter 2023:

  • January 16 / Animals in Winter 
  • February 20 / Plants
  • February 21 / Herbivore 
  • February 22 / Carnivore 
  • February 23 / Omnivore
  • February 24 / Decomposer
  • February 27 / Trail games  
  • Register here.

Spring 2023:

  • April 7 / Fish (only 9am-1pm session available on this day)
  • April 10 / Insects
  • April 11 / Mammals 
  • April 12 / Reptile 
  • April 13 / Amphibian 
  • April 14 / Bird  
  • Register here.