Our Philosophy of Education

Our program is informally structured; responding to the needs, interests and maturity levels of individual children, and of each group as a whole. We plan each day’s activities to make use of a wide variety of materials and spaces to encourage curiosity, resourcefulness, growth, and pleasure. We support children in developing relationships with other children and adults. We encourage children to participate in those activities which are satisfying to them and help them to develop new interests. (The Gesell Institute of Child Development, n.d. circa 1918)”

This quote was taken from The Gesell Institute of Child Development’s preschool brochure and it dates back to 1918! Thus it is proven that the hallmarks of high-quality Early Childhood Education are the same now as they were 100 years ago.

At Earthplace Preschool, we believe that children learn best in an educational program that is focused on the whole child.

We strive to meet the social, emotional, cognitive, creative, and physical needs of our students using a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and engaging.

We provide hands-on learning experiences in nature and in the classroom setting that allow children to make connections to the world around them.

We believe that families and staff are partners in fostering a lifelong love of learning.