Parties for Children Turning 3 & 4

Birthday parties are limited to 16 children with one program add-on.

  • Critter Encounter, Marvelous Mammals or Rockin' Reptiles program fee - $400
  • Program lasts 30 minutes 

Critter Encounter

This party is all about getting up close with animals! Beforehand, you’ll get to decide which animals you would like to see. During the encounter, everyone will learn about your chosen animals and have a chance to pet them. We have a large and wonderful collection of animals to choose from, however, some animals are not available for this program including our birds of prey, crow, ravens, or bats. 

Marvelous Mammals

Learn all about the furry, friendly mammals of Earthplace. You and your guests will read a story and meet a few of the mammals from Earthplace Animal Hall.

Rockin’ Reptiles

Do you love snakes, turtles, and lizards? During our reptile party you’ll meet a few of our resident reptiles and read a story all about reptiles. 

Email Haley to book your party today! She is available Friday-Sunday during business hours.