Naturalist Notes

Meet Veronica Swain, our Naturalist Expert. Veronica has been working as a naturalist for eight years between Earthplace and Connecticut Audubon. She worked on her Masters of Science in Environmental Education at Southern Connecticut University. Veronica grew up with a love for plants and animals, and loves to observe the cycles of life in her own backyard.

Through her “Naturalist Notes,” Veronica will share with us a way for our readers to learn more about their local ecology! This little blip in the internet will provide fun facts and fascinating info on the plants and wildlife in the area – and how you can live more in tune with the surrounding environment.


October 2022: The Norway Maple
In past fall posts, we’ve talked about Hawk Watch, the importance of leaving the leaves, doing your tree work now, ...
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July 2022: The Light of Fireflies
Fireflies, lightning bugs, glowworms. Whatever you call them, these beetles hail from the Lampyridae family, insects who, as larvae, can ...
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June 2022: Summer Reading!
New England Roadside Ecology—Do you like traveling locally? Do you yearn for easy hikes? What about learning about the plants, ...
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May 2022: Orioles and Hummingbirds
I use Earth Day as my signal to prep for birds I love to see in the yard: orioles and ...
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April 2022: Spicebush
In previous spring posts, we went over Planting for Queens, Spring Planting, Baby Animals in Spring, and Getting Those Invasives ...
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March 2022: Japanese Barberry
In previous March posts, we’ve talked about Planting for Queens (what shrubs are perfect for early foragers, particularly awakening female ...
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February 2022: Tracking in the Snow
After a fresh snowfall, one of my favorite outdoor activities with my daughter is to see who’s been out and ...
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January 2022: Winterberry Wonders
Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season was warm and safe, and you’ve been enjoying the snowy weather. While ...
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December 2021: An American Holly
Many ornamental holly shrubs with high gloss leaves are not the native American holly. American holly (Ilex opaca) is a woodland ...
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November 2021: Turkeys
Would you believe turkeys were missing from the Connecticut landscape by the early 1800s? Between forest clearing and hunting, human ...
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October 2021: Let’s Get Batty!
Bats! Bats are amazing little creatures, not least because they’re the only mammal with true flight ability. (The flying squirrels ...
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September 2021: Bird Feeders are Back!
The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has given the green light for bird feeders! The strange, infectious disease ...
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