Fishing Line Recycling Project

Why the Project Started

While at its source, old, tangled, and derelict fishing line is unsightly and reduces the aesthetics and recreational value of our waterways, improperly disposed of fishing line poses detrimental impacts to habitat and can harm the local fauna that get entangled in or ingest it. Fishing line is not biodegradable, and when left in the environment, it could persist for hundreds of years.

How Harbor Watch is Part of the Solution

Proponents of getting out into nature, Harbor Watch encourages outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty of Long Island Sound and its tributaries responsibly. Use the interactive map below to find a recycling receptacle near you!

Throughout the year, Harbor Watch will collect the disposed of fishing line, clean (rinse debris off of line as well as remove hooks and lures), and ship the monofilament to a recycling facility. There the monofilament will be melted down into raw plastic pellets, which can, in turn, be used to make tackle boxes, spools, toys, and more!

Help Fund a New Recycling Receptacle

Funding will be needed to maintain this initiative. Help preserve our waterways and make a donation today!



Suggest a New Recycling Location

Do you have a location in Fairfield County that you believe could benefit from a fishing line recycling receptacle? Email Harbor Watch to discuss getting one set up!

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