Pancake came to us this summer. He was a pet whose owner couldn’t take care of him any longer.  He is a gray short-tailed opossum which is also known as the Brazilian Opossum. Unlike most other marsupials, these opossums do not have a true pouch.

General Facts

  • Lifespan: 4-8 years in captivity
  • Omnivores who eat rodents, frogs, reptiles, and invertebrates, as well as some fruit.
  • Marsupials that are native to South America.
  • First marsupial to have its genome sequenced.
  • Have large ears that help them hear and big eyes to see in the dark.
  • Their tails are only semi-prehensile. This means they have the ability to grasp or manipulate objects, but can’t really hang on tightly.
  • Solitary animals.