Chatty & Cerena

Chatty arrived in 2005 from Alaska. She had damage to her feet and her left wing had to be amputated at the wrist due to injury. She recovered quickly from her surgery but she is unable to survive in the wild on her own.  She now lives with her friend Cerena, our other rescued bald eagle.

Cerena came to Earthplace as a juvenile. Her head was covered with brown feathers, and we’ve watched over the years as the white feathers grew in. She was three years old and had a wing injury that prevented her from being released into the wild.

General Facts

  • In the wild Bald Eagles eat mostly fish
  • Lifespan: 20 years in wild, 50 years in captivity
  • Native to North America and Mexico
  • Largest nests of any North American bird
  • Females are bigger than males
  • Young bald eagles are born with brown head
  • Pesticides have shown links to thinning eggshells (DDT)
  • Polarized eyes to see through the surface of reflecting water