Animal Sponsorship

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Why sponsor an animal?

  • Care for the injured.
    Most of our residents have suffered debilitating injuries preventing their return to the wild.Your support gives them the loving care they deserve.

  • Teach respect and love.
    This symbolic adoption is a pathway to teaching children about respecting wildlife and fostering a deeper love of nature.

  • Act as a species ambassador.
    Your sponsorship will support our Nature Education programs and educate children throughout Connecticut.

Animal Collage

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What your support provides:

Enrichment Activities


We ensure our animals are kept stimulated by providing them with toys, puzzles and other types of enrichment that enhance their well-being.

Animal Meal

Delicious and nutritious food

We provide a varied diet of nuts, greens, grains and protein similar to what each animal would find in the wild.

Veterinary care

We have trained veterinary services on call to keep all of our animals healthy and provide them with medical care when they are sick.

What’s included in your sponsorship and donation levels?

$50 Sponsorship: Matte framed photo and certificate and Annual Report recognition

$150 Sponsorship: Matte framed photo and certificate, Annual Report recognition, behind-the-scenes Animal Hall tour, and Animal Encounter for you and up to 5 friends, a sign with your name near the animals’ enclosure for the year of your sponsorship.

To sponsor an animal, click on the link below or call visitor services on 203.557.4400.

Thank you!