Parties for Children Turning 8 and Older


Birthday party and naturalist program fee for Pond Study and Survival Shelter Building is $375 for non-members, $325 for members.

Programs last 50 minutes.

Programs are limited to 20 children per program. If you would like to hold a party for more than 20 children please schedule two naturalist programs (you can choose the same program twice). Any additional program(s) will be held one after the other (not simultaneously). For each additional set of 20 children, the program price increases by $100.

Pond StudyWe will head on down to the pond. There, we will put on waders, grab a net, and start digging in the pond. We will spend a half hour using our nets to catch things like frogs and tadpoles, dragonfly nymphs and much more. After exploring with the nets we will take a look at what we found with magnifying glasses and identify the organisms. We will return all the animals to the pond, take off the waders and return to the building. This program is not eligible for an add-on. 

Survival Shelter Building – We will learn the survival rule of three – how long we can go without air, water, food, and shelter. We will brainstorm on how many different ways that we can use a bandanna.  Then we will head to the forest and discuss factors that should be considered when building a survival shelter. After discussion the kids can work together to build their own shelter.

Call 203-557-4400 ext. 101 or email to book your party today!