Parties for Children Turning 5 and Older


Birthday party and naturalist program fee for Critter Encounter or Safari is $325 for non-members $275 for members.

Young Scientists fee is $375 for non-members, $325 for members.

Programs last 50 minutes.

Programs are limited to 20 children per program. If you would like to hold a party for more than 20 children please schedule two naturalist programs (you can choose the same program twice). Any additional program(s) will be held one after the other (not simultaneously). For each additional set of 20 children, the program price increases by $50 ($100 for Young Scientists).

Critter Encounter – This party is all about getting up close with the animals. You’ll get to meet with an Earthplace naturalist before your party to decide which animals you would like to see. Once your guests arrive you’ll get to learn all about your chosen animals, and everyone will get a chance to pat them. For our Critter Encounters we have a large and wonderful collection of teaching animals including: Rabbits, doves, ferrets, snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs, salamanders, hissing cockroaches, and guinea pigs. Animals not available to visit the classroom for a Critter Encounter include the birds of prey (eagles, owls, and falcons), crow, raven, bats, or small song birds. 

Safari – Go on a scavenger hunt through Animal Hall and the Connecticut Birds of Prey Exhibit in search of critters of all kinds. Can you find the bird that’s 30 years old? An animal without any bones? Or a mammal that eats only insects? At the end of your search you’ll get to meet and learn about three different animals. 

Young Scientists  – This party is great for young scientists looking to do some hands-on experiments. We’ll have fun making slime, building bubbly rockets, and inflating a balloon without blowing – all while learning a bit about the physics and chemistry in our everyday lives. Activities will vary by age.

Call 203-557-4400 ext. 101 or email to book your party today!