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last and certainly not least that's a Patek Phillipe my missus got me this watch I'd say this is easily the most glamourous watch man can have when she first gave it to me I said did you get me a safe Oh what is this it's my birthday but I've gone over time to realize that it is an extremely when she first gave it to me I said did you get me a Seiko what is this is my birthday [Music] you okay hi guys and welcome to the show you join me here at Gentry HQ at an ungodly hour as the Atmos clock illustrates perfectly but it is quiet and more peaceful in the studio let me do my wristwatch check I'm wearing the fleming my Rolex explorer back in rotation my favorite Rolex and I

have it on a gray natus traveling it complements its understated classy nature not quite Admiralty grey but a little nod to the the very first native strap actually I do have a Phoenix Admiralty grey NATO strap somewhere what are we discussing today well I've had an email in actually I do apologize this email was sent in donkey's ago quite literally almost a month ago so I do apologize this is from Robert he says dear tgb my name is Robert from Boston which is fantastic I have actually family in Boston I'm a massive fan of your channel but watching it and watching your videos is always a highlight of my day thank you so much for everything you do and you are responsible for reigniting my passion in Perfect Watches fantastic always makes my day when I hear that you guys have no idea but that's yeah one of my motives for doing is I really respect you your honest respectful approach and consider use something of a role model wow that is well I'm very very flattered Rolla thank you so much Tony goes on to say my next watch will be in Navi time yes a man after my own heart fantastic I saw only videos that you use the review watch collections instead a review of mine I wondered if you saw the GQ video on Robert Downey's watch collection Robert Downey jr. I really like to hear your thoughts what do you think of his watches and what would you recommend he buy interesting as requested by your email auto-responder dollar

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donation to the Royal British Legion C at receipts so if I scroll down thank you very very much that's extremely generous and know if you guys include the donation of course you know we get to help out a charity close to my heart and [Music] it just makes making these videos an absolute pleasure to be honest so we we provided a little bit of entertainment and help out and worthy cause please keep up the good work thank you Robert well thank you Robert absolute honor and a pleasure right well I react when to myself with the GQ video it's extraordinary it's been what was it 2016 it was posted very short video quite entertaining first of all off the bat I've got to say I I do respect Robert Downey jr. immensely more so for his previous work before the whole reinvention his return really because as you guys know what him perhaps you don't he had a long battle with drug abuse and kind of his on demons if anybody has seen the 1987 film less than zero when he was very very young it's actually loosely based on a Bret Easton Ellis novel the same guy who did American Psycho it deals with drug addiction he he plays a character born into this kind of wealthy Los Angeles family and he's a drug addict and he becomes indebted to change spada's characters as drug dealers it's very close to the bone but amazing amazing portrayal of addiction and definitely worth checking out but as you guys know he's more famous these days for portraying Tony Stark this quite larger-than-life and I have to say in the GQ interview or watch collection review I should say a bit of that Tony Stark miss comes through I I don't think he's actually like that I think he was just

kind of you know making it more in taining it does lack the acerbic wit of a well-written you know Tony Stark line of course no hard feelings Point Break you got a mean swing he plays that kind of lovable rogue I guess and yet it was an interesting video so we'll recap his collection and then we'll look at two of latest additions to his collection one of which is being auctioned off as we speak I think at the Phillips auction but we'll get into that in just a moment so let's look back at his collection well first of all it seems to be an eight-piece collection a brightening path finder which is a special edition of the avenger sea wolf and unfortunately with it with a kind of belligerent nor shall i he threw it on the floor and claimed not to know what it was actually I think it's probably one of the most interesting watches because it belongs to a very elite reconnaissance units of the British it's actually I think they're parachutists and they what they do they they go ahead of the main forces and quite daring operations a typical avenger sea wolf is priced at a couple of thousand dollars this limited edition I would imagine is significantly more this is quite a rare watch I've never seen I never knew of this special edition and it's a shame that he didn't share where the origins of this watch because I'd have been fascinated to know ok second watch is the jlc Anna box 3 terbium GMT this he wore in Iron Man 2 and this he says in his own words is probably his best watch it's certainly a break from the norm of if you guys remember thee the turbans I looked at the jealousy Factory completely different to this particular piece this is very much more a sporting watch I noticed there was Aston Martin on the dial so obviously made in conjunction with the luxury watch car manufacturer the

dial itself is very much inspired by the dashboard of a racing car it has a semi skeletonized dial revealing some of the movement it's quite a big piece I think it's about 43 or 44 millimeters large to open back that's a heck of a watch it's probably the best one I believe it's made out of ceramic so very modern complete contrast to the turbans that that we looked at on the channel but I think fitting the Playboy Tony Stark character very very well it does remind me a little bit of the master compressor divers does have that quite macho masculine look not my cup of tea but you know if we're gonna go jlc I have very traditional tastes unfortunately shame on you Rob advantage it's it's a fake Omega Speedmaster now this is quite interesting now I don't think he knows that it's not a real speed master it's supposed to be a professional speed master the moon watch but if you seen my live shows with my good friend Duncan Casey and actor it happens quite a lot a lot of the prop watches will actually be fake it does kind of indicate his level of knowledge about watches you know while he does have a lot of extremely expensive pieces perhaps his his expertise isn't experienced when it comes to more entry-level luxury pieces shall we say Bamford customised or modded GMT master took known as the ghost this he says was a birthday present and I quote you can't go wrong with a Rolex absolutely not however this is I think three or four times as expensive thing about Bamford some of them are really really cool actually they're Explorer is kind of cool but they also do some absolute ghastly monstrosities with Popeye on the on a yacht master all kinds of horrendous colors look if you've got the money why not for that kind of money I would have preferred to go with the Batman or perhaps a really nice vintage root beer you know something like that another Rolex the Hulk the one one six six one zero LV with the ceramic bezel he describes as his green money Rolex understandably so it is gorgeous I recently an acquaintance that I know has this watch and it's funny because I'm I'm never really taken two green watches but it is absolutely gorgeous in the flesh personally I Green is not my color but it's a very particular green it takes a bit of getting used to but it is a very cool watch indeed I gotta say probably my favorite of his watches he can never go wrong

with a Submariner Baume & Mercier Hampton City watch he claims it was inherited but from his grandfather although this watch I believe originates in the 90s despite its very 70s esque curvaceous case maybe he's his grandfather bought it in the 90s and didn't have it that long who knows it's certainly very unique has a very distinctive retro look it actually reminds me of those old you know those old early televisions this is something kind of funky about it been on Ross br0 194 this was a gift from Ben Stiller upon completion of Tropic Thunder that they collaborated on it's also known as the titanium Orange very very Marmite watch Bella Ross is actually relatively new company heavily avionics inspired it looks like the instruments of a cockpit no other watchers are really out there like it with that square case extremely unique and a choir tastes certainly but I think it pulls it off very well is a gift from his wife nonetheless patek philippe nautilus the moon phase three seven one two and this is when he makes that unfortunate remark about the Seiko I don't know if I can forgive him for that but anyway and that is another telltale sign that perhaps he's not the aficionado that that we would like him to be because as we all know I mean if you really are into

watches you will have a respectful Savior because well there I'm not gonna go into it I've talked about it in many many videos it does highlight a good point that they still have that stigma attached to them in the US which is entirely other lords as as how they are perceived in Japan apparently is a very kind of prestigious and rightfully so a prestige tour-de-force that they should be stunning watch I'm not a fan of the Nautilus so you guys know that but somehow with those added complications I think it has a power reserve as well sub seconds and that gorgeous moon fit whenever you add a moon phase to watch it just adds class it's undeniable that an old-world complication evokes the the sophistication of the old world perfectly I think very slender with the integrated bracelet the off blue what are they called not tapestry is that kind of window blind for her lack of better expression but they're like window blinds I gotta say it's one of my favorites of his 2016 lineup so what did he add well I did a bit of digging about and from my research he's added two watches to his lineup so the first one is an earthwork this is a one hundred and fifteen thousand dollar watch that apparently and this is up for auction at Philips as we speak the money's going to a charity I think a children's charity which is absolutely fantastic this he got in 2017 with the release of spider-man homecoming there finally the in Geneva 1995 they're an award-winning company they're very famous for their avant-garde designs and very innovative way of displaying complications and indicators they won the Grand Prix of her ology in 2011 for the you r110 which is the watch in question rose gold

and titanium version I'll share some footage of it it's utterly bewitching the Wayne and just beguiling the way displays the time so this very different original case was designed to kind of peek out from the sleeve with that indicator in a scale on the right side of the watch these satellites what they called satellites rotate with spinning different numerals displaying the hours and then the pointer passing along the 60-minute markers on that scale there it's radically different on a beautiful leather strap which is funny because you have this ultra-modern avant-garde design and then is quite traditional strap so the revolving satellite cubes display the time on what's called the control board dial it's it has a beautiful three-dimensional aspect not only is the way it displays time completely new and refreshing but also it has a servicing indicator in like an oil change when it comes to five years it shows when it's time for a servicing which is I've never seen anything like it also has a day-and-night indicator a sub second sub dial there has a thirty nine our powers of lately in-house that the technical ability to manufacturing and the mechanics involved in this is just staggering what is very special about this watch is that it was actually requested by the

actor himself for the movie Sony contacted on behalf of Robert Downey jr. your work at first they declined they didn't they didn't want to they said oh we don't sponsor movies we don't you know we don't do product placement but they insisted Sony insisted because he said the actor was a fan so in the end they conceded to his request they became a perfect match because I think actually the modernist almost it's not brutalist but it does have that very science-fiction look to it that very mechanical shapes very much match the Iron Man suits in a way perfectly so it was just it was it was just a match made in heaven I feel slightly guilty because it's not until I saw one of these in the flesh in New York City when when you see it moving I always dismiss them as kind of to being in a bit too brash and I think I at one point I described them as looking like Darth Vader's codpiece you know when you visit watch factories especially really high ends you know horror ology or luxury very specialist watchmakers and you see the amount of work innovation and mechanics and ingenuity and creativity and then you just have a whole new profound respect for these timepieces even if you know aesthetically it's not my thing but you've got to respect it right you've got a respective so that was in his collection and it looks like it's on the way out well it is on the way out so what is the last piece well the last piece that he's added is a really interesting watch by another very very small but extremely high-end company named Gruber for say they're based in LaShonda foreign Switzerland they are specialized in ultra high-end timepieces it was launched in 2004 also a winner at the Grand Prix of Virology I think the same year as the over in 2011 if I remember correctly but actually they've

also won a ton of awards so this brand is a collaboration between Robert Grube L and Stephen for say the watching question was actually I spotted it on Robert Downey jr. own Instagram it's the Gruber force a GMT his is in rose gold a majestic work of art utterly beguiling I'm not quite sure the price five hundred thousand thereabouts so it's a manual wines you have the time on the large dial at the top next on the left you have a smaller sub dial where the GMT complication a pusher that skips the hours and rotates a spherical globe that is I think it's anodized is beautifully decorated then we have a turbulent at the bottom right at a twenty five degree angle incline it circulates once every twenty four seconds so quite high frequency and beautifully juxtaposes they slow steady rotation of the spherical earth that rotates every 24 hours indicating it's essentially a world time complication you have a power reserve and the sub seconds at the right near the crown the case is very distinctive the circles of these dials and turbulence and earth echoed and brought outwards into the case so large piece I think is about forty three millimeters the amount

of polishing and decoration and the we have a grain kind of frosted base plate with beautifully blacked and and polished and beveling and everything you could possibly imagine on the on the bridges that the painstaking levels of finishing on this the depth and kind of three-dimensional aspect to this watch a little miniature sub Erica earth alone taste I think about a month to hand decorate entirely in the house manufacturers just enthralling to behold if you've ever seen one of these in the flesh yeah it is worth it a lot on the bag it doesn't stop there that we have a 24 cities indicated on the back this is currently in his collection I like the juxtaposition of you know cutting-edge mechanics and 18 karat rose gold it's a little bit more traditional it's a nice blend there's also a display window on the side on the look on the left to allow light to pass and illuminate more of that earth kind of mimicking the equatorial part of the globe I mean it's genius it's it's a very it's a magical poetic way of representing time a very expensive I tried to think well it would be rude to guess how much sure mr. down is worth but he can afford it let's let's just say that so

that is his current collection how it has changed he seems to have gone for more high-end pieces more complication pieces personally what I would add is I'd love to see something vintage maybe that's not his style but something really classic a Paul Newman era Daytona or something dresses the stative guys what would you add to his collection what do you think of his collection I would love to see him wear something really crazy but not expensive maybe a Giugiaro Seco then he could learn about Seiko and and I would love to see that because I think it would really prove that he does appreciate her ology and he

is open-minded maybe even the Ripley's watch I think that would actually really compliment him maybe a little bit too 80s a retro for Iron Man but I think you could put it off mr. Downey jr. if you're listening I'd quite happily lend you my my Sega Giugiaro if if you ever fancy it a vintage Casio you know something very quirky not too expensive but like like some of the rarer more obscure models that have some kind of bizarre complications I mean playful something a little bit more down to her in terms of its price range that's what I'd like to see him wear because he's got the high-end stuff he's got the super duper you know the stuff our horological wet dreams I made of no I made I shouldn't describe it like that but you know what I'm trying to say every guys I'm extremely tired as you could probably tell it's uh yeah 20 past 20 past 12:00 here I've got to go home you know late nights at the office but anyway I had to squeeze in a quick video for you guys so let me know your thoughts cruise comments opinions and nominations for what watch you think Robert Downey jr. should get next thank you so much for watching please don't forget to like this video if you enjoyed and found it useful and as always guys I will catch you in the next one okay ciao

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