Junior Girl Scouts

Wildlife Badge

Using the Earthplace live animals as well as museum specimens, scouts will explore animal adaptations and characteristics.  Learn how scientists observe animals in the wild!  See endangered species from the Earthplace Birds of Prey exhibit and  much more.  All requirements are met.

Earth Connections

Students will visit the trails of Earthplace to discover some of the important relationships between animals, plants and people. We will closely observe an “ecosystem”, learn to identify plants and trees, discuss succession and adaptation in the natural world and talk about ways to protect the earth.  All requirements are met.

Finding Your Way

Valuable skills such as map reading, compass usage and orienteering are taught in this scout program. Students will also learn about trail markers and how to guide themselves using nature’s signs. The scouts will use their new knowledge to make their own maps and find their way around Earthplace!  All requirements are met.

Making it Matter

Build a bridge out of newspaper. Make slime. Experiment with changing the slime recipe. Check out acid/base reactions after making your own PH indicator.  All requirements are met.

Your Outdoor Surrounding

Brainstorm ideas to help the environment. Learn what Minimum Impact is. Go for a hike, learn about an outside hobby and more.  All requirements are met.