Rose Petal – Make the World a Better Place

Long Island Sound in a Jar – We will learn some of the contaminants of our water as we “pollute” a sample. After the pollution is complete, common household tools will be given to see if the water can be cleaned.  All requirements are met.

Green Petal – Use Resources Wisely

Papermaking – Take paper out of the recycling bin, shred it and turn it into new paper that you can take home.  Discusses the importance of reusing and recycling paper.  All requirements are met.

Spring Green Petal – Considerate and Caring

Wild animals need the same things to survive as we do. We will make a birdfeeder that the girls can take home with them to feed the birds.  All requirements are met.

Purple Petal – Respect Myself and Others

A live critter encounter will be given with facts about each animal, while possible dealing with some people’s fear and dislike of some of the animals. Respect that they all have a purpose and good qualities.  All requirements are met.