Using the Earthplace collection of live animals, this program provides a dynamic overview of the Animal Kingdom.  All requirements are met.

Eco-Explorer Try-It

Provides an overview of the science of ecology.  Students will use observation skills on a trail walk with a specially designed “scavenger hunt”.  This hunt will open discussion about living and nonliving things and their connections.  Each girl gets  to make and take home their own bird feeder.  Fulfills 4 of 6 requirements for this Try-It.

Watching Wildlife Try-It

Students will focus their attention on the outdoor world and take a closer look at some of the wildlife that can be found in our area.  We will observe one of the Earthplace critters and take home an animal-friendly creation.  All requirements are met.

Plants Try-It

Students will investigate the world of plants, both out on the trails and in the classrooms of Earthplace.  The program will cover how plants grow, the uses we have for plants and the identification of some local flora.  All requirements are met.

Science in Action

This program covers some of the science we experience in our everyday lives.  The students will conduct basic experiments to explore the world around them and make some slime to take home.  All requirements are met.

Water Everywhere

This program allows students to study the compound most important to us all!  We will discuss water conservation, where water can be found and investigate the pond at Earthplace.  Fulfills 4 of 6 requirements for this Try-It.