Staff & Specialists

Amee Borys, M.S.Ed.

Director, Early Childhood Education

Sabrina Bell

Lead Teacher, Ospreys

Emma Borys

Assistant Teacher, Orioles

Barbara Buongiorno

Lead Teacher, Meadowlarks

Ciara Carbonara

Lead Teacher, Orioles

Amanda Ciardi

Lead Teacher, Blue Jays

Lisa Geter

Lead Teacher Barn Owls

Ashley Gradia

Lead Teacher, Chickadees

Nicole Homkovics

Assistant Teacher, The Nest

Devin Long

Assistant Teacher, Orioles

Brittany Lyons

Assitant Teacher, Barn Owls

Jess Mantzaris

Operations Manager,
Education Programs

Emily Nuzzo

Assistant Teacher, Chickadees

Deborah Palumbo

Lead Teacher, Robins

Kristyn Palumbo

Lead Teacher, Chickadees

Robert Pascarelli

Lead Teacher, Little Wreckers

Jennifer Rolinson

Nurse Consultant

Michelle Rosen

Assistant Teacher, Chickadees

Kelly Russo

Lead Teacher, The Nest

Ursula Allen

Assistant Teacher, Blue Jays