Our mission is to build a passion in our community for nature and the environment through education, experience and action.

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Our Wishlist

Please click here for our Wishlist to aid in
the ongoing recovery from the fire suffered in Animal Hall on April 14, 2017. 


Are you looking for a unique and meaningful way to support Earthplace? Please consider purchasing one or more of our departmental wishlist items below. Your contributions are tax deductible and benefit the children, families, and animals we serve.

Early Childhood Education
Arts and crafts supplies ($25-$100)
Scholarships ($50 Increments)
Easel ($200)
Animal track bingo ($15)
Honeybee lifecycle ($35)

Nature Education
Digital wildlife camera ($200)
Digital cameras ($750)
Nets for pond exploration ($200)
Owl pellets ($100)
Plant cam ($200)
Poison ivy display ($40
Leaves and seeds exhibit ($75)
Recycle exhibit ($75))

Rubbing plates ($40)
Digital cameras ($750)
Nets for pond exploration ($200)
Inflatable clouds ($40)
Magnetic insects ($20)
Animal skins ($10-$200)
Compost Exhibit ($35)
Digital microscope ($60/each)
Bat skeleton exhibit ($60)
Sound system ($100)


Mealworms and crickets ($50)
Hay storage bin ($75)
Month of produce ($100)
Week of produce ($25)
Feed an eagle for  year ($1000)
GPS for vans ($200)

Summer Camp
Canoe trailer ($2500)
Camping lanterns ($50/each)
Van rental ($1,500)

Plant Courtyard
Nature walk track panel ($17)
Aquatic insect display ($83)
Dinosaur footprints ($22-$110)
Window nest box ($17/each)
Tree stepping stones ($200)

Harbor Watch
Sponsor a student team ($525)
Trawling net ($100)
Water testing supplies ($25 increments)
Colony counter ($250)
Equipment calibration testings ($85-$200)
Gas for boat trawling trips ($25 increments)

Trail signage ($250)
Play sand ($50 increments)
Woodchips ($100 increments)
Staff team building ($800)
Pop-up tent ($200)