Our mission is to build a passion in our community for nature and the environment through education, experience and action.

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Scout Programs

Programs are available Tuesday through Saturday.

Boy Scout, Daisy and Brownie programs are $10 per child with a minimum charge of $100. Programs average 1 hour and 15 minutes.

All Girl Scout Juniors programs are $12 per girl with a minimum charge of $120.  Programs average 2 hours.  Merit badges are not provided by Earthplace.

Call 203-557-4400 ext. 107  or email b.newman@earthplace.org to arrange a program for your group.

Tiger Cubs

Critter Encounter
This exciting and interactive live animal program fulfills 4 electives, 31, 32, 42, 47. Each scout gets to make and take home their own birdfeeder.    

Wolf Scouts

Birds (Elective 13)
Meet one of the live teaching birds at Earthplace.  Find out what birds need to survive in the wild, and what you can do to help them.  Each scout gets to make and take home their own birdfeeder. Fulfills 4 of 6 requirements for this elective.

Bear Scout

Sharing Your World with Wildlife
Discover what you can do to help wildlife.  Scouts will see live endangered animals up-close and view museum specimens.  Each scout gets to make and take home their own birdfeeder.  All requirements are met.


Forestry Badge
This program will provide a hands-on lesson in tree and plant identification while demonstrating the important role that these organisms play in our forest ecosystem.  Economic importance will also be explored.  The Earthplace trails are home to a wide variety of Connecticut’s plants and trees and the animals which depend on them.  Fulfills 4 of 5 requirements for this badge.

Learn the tools to observe and identify the wild animals and plants around you.  Hike our trails with an Earthplace Naturalist and check out the animal ambassadors in our Animal Hall.  All requirements are met.

Rose Petal - Make the World a Better Place

Long Island Sound in a Jar - We will learn some of the contaminants of our water as we "pollute" a sample. After the pollution is complete, common household tools will be given to see if the water can be cleaned.  All requirements are met.

Green Petal - Use Resources Wisely
Papermaking - Take paper out of the recycling bin, shred it and turn it into new paper that you can take home.  Discusses the importance of reusing and recycling paper.  All requirements are met.

Spring Green Petal - Considerate and Caring
Wild animals need the same things to survive as we do. We will make a birdfeeder that the girls can take home with them to feed the birds.  All requirements are met.

Purple Petal - Respect Myself and Others
A live critter encounter will be given with facts about each animal, while possible dealing with some people's fear and dislike of some of the animals. Respect that they all have purpose and good qualities.  All requirements are met.


Using the Earthplace collection of live animals, this program provides a dynamic overview of the Animal Kingdom.  All requirements are met.

Eco-Explorer Try-It
Provides an overview of the science of ecology.  Students will use observation skills on a trail walk with a specially designed “scavenger hunt”.  This hunt will open discussion about living and non-living things and their connections.  Each girl gets  to make and take home their own birdfeeder.  Fulfills 4 of 6 requirements for this Try-It.

Watching Wildlife Try-It
Students will focus their attention on the outdoor world and take a closer look at some of the wildlife that can be found in our area.  We will observe one of the Earthplace critters and take home an animal-friendly creation.  All requirements are met.

Plants Try-It
Students will investigate the world of plants, both out on the trails and in the classrooms of Earthplace.  The program will cover how plants grow, the uses we have for plants and the identification of some local flora.  All requirements are met.

Science in Action
This program covers some of the science we experience in our every day lives.  The students will conduct basic experiments to explore the world around them and make some slime to take home.  All requirements are met.

Water Everywhere
This program allows students to study the compound most important to us all!  We will discuss water conservation, where water can be found and investigate the pond at Earthplace.  Fulfills 4 of 6 requirements for this Try-It.

Junior Girl Scouts

Wildlife Badge
Using the Earthplace live animals as well as museum specimens, scouts will explore animal adaptations and characteristics.  Learn how scientists observe animals in the wild!  See endangered species from the Earthplace Birds of Prey exhibit and  much more.  All requirements are met.

Earth Connections
Students will visit the trails of Earthplace to discover some of the important relationships between animals, plants and people. We will closely observe an “ecosystem”, learn to identify plants and trees, discuss succession and adaptation in the natural world and talk about ways to protect the earth.  All requirements are met.

Finding Your Way
Valuable skills such as map reading, compass usage and orienteering are taught in this scout program. Students will also learn about trail markers and how to guide themselves using nature’s signs. The scouts will use their new knowledge to make their own maps and find their way around Earthplace!  All requirements are met.

Making it Matter
Build a bridge out of newspaper. Make slime. Experiment with changing the slime recipe. Check out acid/base reactions after making your own PH indicator.  All requirements are met.

Your Outdoor Surrounding
Brain storm ideas to help the environment. Learn what Minimum Impact is. Go for a hike, learn about an outside hobby and more.  All requirements are met.


Outdoor Survival
Many ways to obtain weather conditions will be learned as well as ways to purify water for drinking. We will build our own shelter and discover ways to start a fire without a match.  All requirements are met.