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Harbor Watch Summer Volunteers

The summer months are when Harbor Watch conducts the majority of its research.  Volunteers assist with all aspects of monitoring including:

  • Freshwater river systems – Each team collects air temperature, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and a water sample at each site. After all water samples are collected, the team returns to Earthplace and performs membrane filtration tests on each sample for indicator bacteria.
  • Storm drain monitoring – Teams collect conductivity readings and a water sample at storm drain discharges. Water samples are then analyzed from indicator bacteria using membrane filtration.
  • Trawling – Juvenile benthic marine fisheries study where harbor bottom species are collected under CT DEEP protocols, recorded, and released.
  • Oxygen studies of the harbors – Oxygen profiles of Norwalk and Saugatuck Harbor are collected at established site to document hypoxic (low oxygen tensions) events, which may occur during the warm summer months.

Harbor Watch volunteers range in age from high school freshmen to senior citizens. Organizations such as the Westport League of Women’s Voters and the Coast Guard Auxiliary work with Harbor Watch to set up a monitoring schedule and are the sole monitors for specific waterways. Feel free to ask us how your organization can get involved!

Volunteer requirements are flexible and can be twice a month to five days a week. The staff does recommend a consistent schedule so that volunteers grasp the skills needed to properly collect and analyze data. Please contact harborwatchriverwatch@gmail.com for the monitoring schedule.