Harbor Watch

Harbor Watch on FacebookThrough its water quality monitoring activities the Harbor Watch (HW) Program seeks to help protect and restore the biological integrity of the Long Island Sound and its watershed. The program began in 1986 initially as a citizen’s monitoring program which gathered data on hypoxic conditions in our local harbors. The program was formally incorporated into the Earthplace programs in 1993 as Harbor Watch / River Watch.

Since then, HW has greatly expanded its water quality testing and monitoring services to include local rivers, harbors and the Long Island Sound. HW maintains two CT state certified bacteria laboratories to support its testing and monitoring efforts and has several EPA-approved Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) to guide and to assure the collection of high quality data. The objective of HW is to increase watershed literacy and encourage environmental stewardship for both students and community volunteers who participate in the program.

Volunteer and education programs include the Environmental Education Student Internship Program, the Senior Internship Program and summer volunteering.

HW Staff Title Email Ext  
Dick Harris Harbor Watch Director r.harris@earthplace.org 121  
Peter Fraboni Associate Director p.fraboni@earthplace.org 110  
Nikki Cantatore Lab Director  n.cantatore@earthplace.org 120  
Josh Cooper Coastal Ecology Technician j.cooper@earthplace.org 120  

Dick Harris, Nikki Cantatore, Josh Cooper and Peter Fraboni