Our mission is to build a passion in our community for nature and the environment through education, experience and action.

10 Woodside Lane Westport, CT 06880   203-557-4400 Earthplace Preschool: 203-557-3638

Counselor to camper ratio is at least 1:6, with minimum two counselors per group.


Chickadees 2s (must be 2 by the start of your camp session, at least 1:4 ratio)
Members: $396, Non-members: $440

Hummingbirds 3s (must be 3 by the start of your camp session)
Members: $288, Non-members: $320

Woodpeckers 4s (entering a 4s program Fall 2017)
Members: $288, Non-members: $320

Falcons 5s (entering Kindergarten Fall 2017)
Members: $288, Non-members: $320

Robins 3s, 4s, 5s 
(mixed age group to accomodate friend/sibling requests)
Members: $288, Non-members: $320

Schedule for all preschool groups:

Monday-Friday  9:00am-1:00pm

Early Drop-off 8:00-9:00am (for ages 3+)

Extended day 1:00-3:00pm OR 1:00-6:00pm (for ages 3+)


Campers use the Earthplace Preschool classrooms and stay with their counselors throughout the day. Each camp session has an exciting theme around which the week is designed. Nature and the environment will come alive for these campers through theme-related activities including animal encounters, trail walks, arts and crafts, playground time, water play, story time and music. Preschool campers also participate in camp-wide t-shirt days on Wednesdays.


Session: Dates:  Theme:
Session 1:
Native Plants
June 12 - June 16 Enjoy a naturalist-led trail walk to explore Connecticut's natuve plants. Campers will take leaf and bark rubbings and will create their own age-appropriate field journals.
Session 2:
Native Animals
June 19 - June 23 Connecticut is home to many fascinating animal species. Campers will discover the animals that make Earthplace their home.
Session 3:
June 26 - June 30 Our rivers, streams, ponds and oceans are home to many diverse species of fish. We will visit the stream and pond here at Earthplace to collect and study specimens of local fish and other creatures.
Session 4*:
July 5 - July 7 More than 98% of animal species are invertebrates. Insects outnumber humans by a ration of 200 million to one. Campers will study the insects that live in our animal hall and outdoors at Earthplace.
Session 5:
July 10 - July 14 Amphibians are special animals that breathe through their skin. Campers will look for amphibians in the pond and under rocks and logs on our trails.
Session 6:
July 17 - July 21 Reptiles are fascinating creatuers evolving such strong adaptations that they grew to enormous sizes and live up to 100 years. Campers will learn all about reptiles and the adapatations that make them special.
Session 7:
July 24 - July 28 Mammals are fluffy and fun. Campers will study the unique characteristics of mammals and visit the Animal Hall to see the mammals who live here at Earthplace.
Session 8:
July 31 - August 4 Feathers are the defining characteristics of birds. Birds also have wings, a beak, a special skeleton and they lay eggs. Campers will visit our fascinating Birds of Prey exhibit.
Session 9:
Shore Life
August 7 - August 11 The Connecticut shoreline is rocky and beautiful. Campers will study sea shells and sea life unique to Connecticut and Long Island Sound.

 *Session 4 is a shortened week in observance of Independence Day. Rates will be reduced accordingly.