Our mission is to build a passion in our community for nature and the environment through education, experience and action.

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Animal Hall and Connecticut Birds of Prey

 The purpose of the Animal Hall and the Connecticut Birds of Prey Exhibit at Earthplace is to provide our community with educational animal programs and experiences focused on natural history, care, and appreciation.

We fulfill this mission by maintaining a collection of live animals representing many different groups, including native wildlife of Connecticut, domesticated animals, and exotic animals; by providing educational animal programs for the Earthplace Nursery School classes, visiting school groups, afterschool programs, summer camp, birthday parties, and visitors; and by providing volunteer opportunities for teens and adults interested in animal care.


The perfect gift! BE A BUDDY & sponsor one of our animals today!

Hitch, Dash, Waffles, Ladybird, Tornado, Woody and friends need you!


Why sponsor an animal?

  • It’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving!
  • You get your ‘own’ pet but don’t have to feed or clean up after it (we’ll do that for you!).
  • Our animal ambassadors also play an important role in our Nature Education Programs.

What your support provides:


Delicious and nutritious food

 We provide a varied diet of nuts, greens, grains and protein similar to what each animal would find in the wild. 


We ensure our animals are kept stimulated by providing them with toys, puzzles and other types of enrichment that enhance their well-being.



Veterinary care

We have trained veterinary services on call to keep all of our animals healthy and provide them with medical care when they are sick.

What’s included in your sponsorship and donation levels?

Super Buddy $500: Matte framed photo and certificate, Website and Annual Report regognition, Behind the Scenes Animal Hall Tour and animal encounter for you and up to 10 friends, plus an Earthplace t-shirt.

Best Buddy $250: Matte framed photo and certificate, Website and Annual Report regognition, Behind the Scenes Animal Hall Tour and animal encounter for you and up to 5 friends, plus an Earthplace t-shirt.

Big Buddy: $150: Matte framed photo and certificate, Website and Annual Report regognition, plus an Earthplace t-shirt.

Buddy: $50: Matte framed photo and certificate, Website and Annual Report regognition.

To sponsor an animal please call visitor services on 203-557 4400


Thank you!

Meet some of our animals!

Our animals include two Bald Eagles, a Peregrine Falcon, two Red-tailed Hawks, various species of owls, Big Brown Bats, vultures, domestic and wild mammals, turtles, snakes, insects and more

Chatty, the majestic Bald Eagle

This beautiful female arrived in 2005 from Alaska. She had damage to her feet and her left wing had to be amputated at the wrist due to injury. She recovered quickly from her surgery but she is unable to survive in the wild on her own.  She now lives with her friend Cerena, our other rescued bald eagle.  

 Marble, Barred Owl

Marble was rescued in Westbrook, Connecticut on August 5, 2012 after he was found next to a highway. Marble is a non-migratory bird. Marble hunts many different types of prey including rodents, rabbits, birds, amphibians, reptiles,
and fish.

Waffles, our Opossum

Poor Waffles has a spinal injury that prevents him from surviving on his own. He is the latest and welcome mammal to join Animal Hall. Opossums have very important roles in our ecosystem, including eating thousands of ticks each season!

Red-tailed Hawk

Talon is a Red-tailed Hawk who came to Earthplace in August of 2012. Talon has a permanent injury to her right wing, which prevents her release into the wild. 

Red-tailed Hawk

Hawkins is a Red-tailed Hawk who has been living at Earthplace since 1982. Red-tailed Hawks can live up to 30-40 years in captivity.

ET, Turkey Vulture

E.T. came to Earthplace in 2001. He had a wing injury and is unable to fly after falling from a nest. E.T. and other Turkey Vultures eat a large variety of meat, from fish to rats to birds.

 Wild Black Vulture in the sanctuary

Visitors often see wild Black Vultures and Turkey Vultures near our Birds of Prey Exhibit. People have also witnessed our caged vultures sharing food with the wild vultures.

Sonar, a (sort of) Big Brown Bat: 

In 2007, Sonar was discovered in an auto repair shop in northern Connecticut with a fractured shoulder. Unfortunately, this means Sonar cannot be released back into the wild. Instead, she has joined our Animal Hall Education Program teaching hundreds of visitors about the important role bats play in our ecosystem. 

Dash, our African Pygmy Hedgehog 

Hedgehogs are one of the earliest known mammals and have changed very little in the last 15 million years! Dash was given to Earthplace when her owner could no longer care for her. She is nocturnal, which means she wakes up when most of us go to sleep!

Tornado the Bearded Dragon

The Bearded Dragon gets its name from the underside of the lizard’s throat, which can turn black if the animal is stressed or threatened. Despite his name, Tornado is a calm and friendly Animal Hall resident. 

Woody, Wood Turtle

You may notice that Woody is missing part of his front leg which prevents him from digging and living in the wild. Wood turtles can be found mostly in forest fields, bogs and marshy meadows. His favorite meal is salad and insects.