The purpose of the Animal Hall and Connecticut Bird of Prey exhibit at Earthplace is to provide our community with educational animal programs and experiences focused on natural history, care, and appreciation.

We fulfill this mission by maintaining a collection of live animals representing many different groups including native wildlife of Connecticut, domesticated animals, and exotic animals, by providing ducational animal programs for the Earthplace Nursery School classes, visiting school groups, afterschool programs, summer camp, birthday parties, and visitors, and by providing volunteer opportunities for teens and adults interested in animal care.


Earthplace maintains a varied collection of "species ambassadors".  The outdoor display cages and many of the animals in the indoor Animal Hall house wildlife that cannot be released due to their injuries. These creatures include two bald eagles, a peregrine falcon, red-tailed hawks, owls, big brown bats, turkey vultures and a black vulture, a monk parakeet, blue jay,  mockingbird and snakes.

Cerena, Bald Eagle   Marble, Barred Owl Edgar, Common Raven
Talon, Red-tailed Hawk Hawkins, Red-tailed Hawk ET, Trukey Vulture
Otis, Screech Owl Eco, Big Brown Bat Fluffy, Hybrid of Black Rat
and Northern Pine Snake 
Mike, Mockingbird Woody, Wood Turtle Hop, Monk Parakeet
Zeek, Eastern Box Turtle   Wild Black Vulture in the sanctuary Meeper, Green Frog