Our mission is to build a passion in our community for nature and the environment through education, experience and action.

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Animal Hall and Connecticut Birds of Prey

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the ongoing recovery from the fire suffered in Animal Hall on April 14, 2017. 


The purpose of the Animal Hall and the Connecticut Birds of Prey Exhibit at Earthplace is to provide our community with educational animal programs and experiences focused on natural history, care, and appreciation.

We fulfill this mission by maintaining a collection of live animals representing many different groups, including native wildlife of Connecticut, domesticated animals, and exotic animals; by providing educational animal programs for the Earthplace Nursery School classes, visiting school groups, afterschool programs, summer camp, birthday parties, and visitors; and by providing volunteer opportunities for teens and adults interested in animal care.


Earthplace maintains a varied collection of species ambassadors. The outdoor display cages and many of the indoor enclosures in Animal Hall house wildlife that cannot be released due to injuries. These creatures include two Bald Eagles, a Peregrine Falcon, two Red-tailed Hawks, various species of owls, Big Brown Bats, Turkey Vultures and a Black Vulture, a Monk Parakeet, a Blue Jay,  a Northern Mockingbird, and snakes.

Cerena, Bald Eagle 

Cerena is an American Bald Eagle. She came to Earthplace as a juvenile. Her head was covered with brown feathers, and we’ve watched over the years as the white feathers grew in. She was three years old and had a wing injury that prevented her from being released into the wild.

 Marble, Barred Owl

Marble was rescued in Westbrook, Connecticut on August 5, 2012 after he was found next to a highway. Marble is a non-migratory bird. Marble hunts many different types of prey including rodents, rabbits, birds, amphibians, reptiles,
and fish.

Edgar, Common Raven

Edgar was admitted to veterinary services on April 20, 2007 after being trapped in a chicken coop in Windsor, Vermont. He is unable to fly as a result of the injuries he sustained.  He came in underweight with feather damage, but has since grown to normal size.  He is an omnivore, meaning he eats both fruits and vegetables, as well as rodents.

Red-tailed Hawk

Talon is a Red-tailed Hawk who came to Earthplace in August of 2012. Talon has a permanent injury to her right wing, which prevents her release into the wild. 

Red-tailed Hawk

Hawkins is a Red-tailed Hawk who has been living at Earthplace since 1982. Red-tailed Hawks can live up to 30-40 years in captivity.

ET, Turkey Vulture

E.T. came to Earthplace in 2001. He had a wing injury and is unable to fly after falling from a nest. E.T. and other Turkey Vultures eat a large variety of meat, from fish to rats to birds.

 Wild Black Vulture in the sanctuary

Visitors often see wild Black Vultures and Turkey Vultures near our Birds of Prey Exhibit. People have also witnessed our caged vultures sharing food with the wild vultures.

Echo, Big Brown Bat

Echo lives with Sonar. Both of them are Big Brown Bats with wing injuries, making them non-releasable to the wild. They eat a diet of mealworms.

Green Frog


Macha is a bullfrog. He was kept in captivity until his owners decided they could no longer keep him. He has since been an educational animal ambassador for many Earthplace programs.

Zeke, Eastern Box Turtle

Zeke is an Eastern Box Turtle. He is missing several toes and was probably attacked by a coyote, fox, or domestic dog. Although native, Box Turtle numbers are declining rapidly in Connecticut.

Woody, Wood Turtle

Woody is a Wood Turtle and is missing a portion of a limb. Without good digging ability, egg laying and hibernation are difficult. At Earthplace, Woody gets good meals and has a safe place among our educational animals.