Our mission is to build a passion in our community for nature and the environment through education, experience and action.

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Animal Outreach Programs

Learn about our natural world with live animals in the comfort of your own home, club, or school.  There are programs for school-age children that are sure to fit in with any science curriculum, as well as programs for ages 2-5.

Programs for grades K-8

The Big Squeeze - Boas and Pythons of the World
Join us on an adventure around the globe meeting serpents of all shapes and sizes along the way. This program features live boas and pythons, as well as snake artifacts such as skulls and shed skin that will help students learn all about these often misunderstood animals. What do they eat and how do they do it? Where do they live? How big can they get? Why are snakes so important to our environment? These are just some of the questions we will answer in our exploration of these fascinating reptiles!

Eat and be Eaten - Food Webs Explained
This program focuses on one of the most important aspects of the natural world: balance. By studying the relationships between life forms and how each species plays a specific role in maintaining balance in its own ecosystem, we learn why every living and non living thing is so important. Live animals of all kinds will help us trace the path of energy from the sun all the way to our own bodies. If we are lucky, we will even get to see predator/prey relationships play out before our very eyes!

Crafty Navigators - Animals and their Senses
Every animal needs a way to detect its surroundings. In order to survive animals need to know where the food is, how to find a mate, where predators are and how to get to safety. In this program learn all about the amazing ways animals use their senses. With the help of our animal ambassadors we will discover how a spider can catch it’s dinner without ever seeing it, how mammals can sniff their way to a treat, why snakes are deaf, and much more!

Price: $200 per program.
Programs typically run for 45-60 minutes and are best suited for groups of 25 or less. Larger groups can be accommodated, but interaction with the animals will be limited. The programs are appropriate for students of any age and will be adjusted accordingly.


Pre-K Programs

Nice To Meet You - An Introduction to Animals
In this program students have the opportunity to meet many different types of animals. Children will learn a variety of facts about the animals, including what they eat, where they live, and how big they get. Most importantly, they will have the chance to interact with the animals, learn what they look and feel like, and gain valuable early exposure to live
mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects.

Mr. Frog’s Classroom - Learning from Puppets
Join Mr. Frog and his other puppet friends in a program that combines environmental education and entertainment. Students will laugh at the antics of Mr. Frog and his team of educational puppets while being exposed to and interacting with their live counterparts. Together they lead the classroom on a fun and fact filled journey through the animal kingdom and beyond.

Eyes, Ears, and Feet - How Animals Use Their Senses
Learn to relate to animals through an investigation of how they see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. In this program students learn about our own senses, as well as the different ways that animals use theirs. Together we will count a spider’s eyes, find a frog’s circular ears, touch a ferret, and much more. This program is a great way for children to meet different animals and practice important skills like counting, shape recognition, and sensory function.

Program cost: $150
Programs typically run for 30 minutes and are best suited for groups of 25 or less. Larger groups can be accommodated.  The programs are appropriate for students ranging in age from 2-5 years old and will be adjusted accordingly.


Earthplace is currently able to serve the towns of Westport, Wilton, Weston, Norwalk, Fairfield and Easton. If you are outside these towns and would like a program, there will be an additional fee for travel. If there is a program you would like and do not see here, some customization is possible.