Naturalist Notes

Meet Veronica Swain, our Associate Director of Nature Programs and Naturalist Expert. Veronica has been working as a naturalist for eight years between Earthplace and Connecticut Audubon. She worked on her Masters of Science in Environmental Education at Southern Connecticut University. Veronica grew up with a love for plants and animals, and loves to observe the cycles of life in her own backyard.

Through her “Naturalist Notes,” Veronica will share with us a way for our readers to learn more about their local ecology! This little blip in the internet will provide fun facts and fascinating info on the plants and wildlife in the area – and how you can live more in tune with the surrounding environment.


September 2021: Bird Feeders are Back!
The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has given the green light for bird feeders! The strange, infectious disease ...
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April 2021: Get Those Invasives
An invasive plant is a plant that outcompetes native plants in an ecosystem. Most invasive plants are not useful in ...
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March 2021: Baby Animals in Spring
Spring has arrived! And with it, many people will come across baby animals seemingly in need of help. In fact, ...
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February 2021: New England’s Hibernators
The groundhog is one of Connecticut’s two hibernators. This one is gathering materials for its burrow. I know some people ...
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January 2021: Getting Rid of Invasive Bittersweet
Oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus) is recognizable by its yellow capsules and red fruit, scattered among its twigs, plus its thick, ...
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December 2020: Queens in Hibernation
Eastern bumble bee on European dandelion The cold days are starting to increase more and more as we head toward ...
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November 2020: Bear in Connecticut
Imagine my delight when my husband shouted, “There’s a bear in the yard!” Okay, so not everyone would be delighted ...
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October 2020: Fall Garden Prep
Autumn sails in on a cool breeze and the changing color of the leaves. And every autumn, we can take ...
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September 2020: It’s Time for Tree Work!
It’s Fall coming up but let’s take a step back. Springtime at Earthplace means getting a lot of phone calls ...
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Summer in Bloom: August 2020
One of the best things about summer is the flowers – especially flowers that draw in a variety of pollinators ...
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July 2020: Enjoying the Outdoors
In these strange times, there has been an amazing increase in foot traffic in wild places – people aching to ...
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April 2020: Spring Planting
Bloodroot is one of the earliest native ephemerals. Among the earliest spring bloomers in New England are the maples (Acer ...
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