Webinar – An Earth Day presentation by Lori Fontanes

Feeding People in a Time of Climate Change and COVID-19

Climate change is already here: California is on fire and Midwestern fields are under water. But the industrial food system that depends on those states is both wasteful and not the healthiest way to feed people. So, will climate change finally force us to create new strategies for growing and distributing better, yet affordable food? How can we change our personal eating habits to help reduce waste and emissions from seed to store to table? Does recycling really work? Do “plant-based” alternatives help or hurt? What can we do in our region now to prepare for the coming effects of climate crisis on agriculture? This presentation offers a radical look at the relationship of climate, COVID-19, and food and includes practical advice on eating better for planet AND people.

Lori Fontanes is a writer and community advocate. Her work on agriculture and the environment has appeared in publications such as Backyard Poultry, Countryside, Acres, Grit and EcoWatch

This program includes an introduction by Sustainable Westport Chair, Peter Boyd, and a soft-launch of the Sustainable Westport Zero Food Waste Challenge, with emphasis on food waste reduction, home composting and food rescue. 

View the recorded webinar HERE.

For  information about the Zero Food Waste Challenge go to SustainableWestport.org.

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